colouring the future through stories

Maya Creatives is a production company who specializes in stories from an untold perspective. We (co-)produce films, series and podcasts that reflect the multicultural society as a whole and stimulate you to look beyond the stereotype surface. We aim to normalize the other via new inspirational stories.

what we do


We create and shape our stories based on own experiences and stories from various communities. Within an universal theme, we broaden the perspective by showing authentic stories from underrepresented communities.

what we do


Our stories and formats give an insight in new worlds and other contexts such that you as a viewer/listener can relate and even more can enhance your understanding of other communities.

what we do


We are the Diversity & Inclusion Advisor for Stories. We advise companies, broadcasters, producers and other organizations that want to tell authentic stories.


Shenin Lebrun

Story teller & Creative Producer

Jiefan Hsu

Business Director & Head of Finance


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Funda is about thirteen-year-old Funda, who has to mislead her six older brothers to win the heart of the boy who lives opposite. Luckily, this little girl turns out to be a great general, with enough tactical cunning to evade the ‘love’ of her big brothers.

2021, VPRO


Ali and Zehra share everything. But when Ali attracts the attention of both Quinty and Ben – while Zehra’s situation at home gets more and more difficult – they start to keep things from one another. Is it possible to be friends if you don’t dare be yourself?


Sterke verhalen van super meiden

Big chance you know Lieke Martens, Annie M.G. Schmidt, or Tabitha. Now they are heroes, but as teenagers they were also very insecure. Until they discovered themselves and chased their dream. How? You can hear that in this podcast full of adventure, tough decisions and funny situations. But be warned, you may discover your own superpower through this! And oh yes, all the main characters are women (really nice for boys too!).

2021, ZAPP

Alles voor elkaar

As they approach thirty, four BFFs see a film of themselves during their schooldays and face up to the realisation that their teenage dreams far from came true. They decide to pursue these dreams again, together, helping each other along the way – but things don’t turn out as well as they hoped.

2017, Based on idea from Shenin Lebrun